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Makes one gallon.


3 lbs. Rhubarb 7 pts. Water
2-1/4 lbs. Sugar 1/4 pt White Grape Concentrate
1/4 tsp. Tannin 1 tsp. Yeast Nutrient
1 pkg. Yeast 1 Campden Tablet, crushed
1/8 tsp. Anti-oxident  

Keep your acid tester and hydrometer handy. As with all wild fruit the sugar and acid content varies greatly from year to year and even from one location to another. The recipe above is a general recipe to use which you may have to adjust.

Starting S.G. 1.095 - 1.100


  1. Select and use stalk only!
  2. Wash, drain and cut into small pieces.
  3. Place fruit in straining bag. Mash and strain out juice in primary fermenter. Keep all pulp in nylon straining bag, tie top and place in primary.
  4. Mix in sugar and campden. Cover primary fermenter. Let sit for 2-3 days stirring once a day.
  5. Strain juice from bag and discard pulp.
  6. Stir in all other ingredients. Add yeast. Cover primary fermenter.
  7. Stir daily and check S.G.
  8. When ferment reaches S.G. 1.040 (usually 3-5 days), siphon wine off into glass jug secondary. Attach airlock.
  9. When S.G. reaches 1.000 (usually about 3 weeks), fermentation is complete. Syphon juice off sediment into clean glass container. Re-attach airlock.
  10. Syphon again in two months and again, if necessary, before bottling.
  11. Allow the wine to age.

To sweeten, add 1/2 tsp. stabilizer (Potassium Sorbate) and stir. Then, add 1/4 lb. of dissolved sugar per gallon.


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