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Fresh Grapes

Early Bird Special:

Order by July 15, 2016 and save 5%

Cut off date for purchasing: August 1, 2016

We are offering fresh California grapes again this year. We will be purchasing the grapes through F. Colavita & Son because they have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality grapes for both home wine makers and wineries.

Based on prior years activity, we are only going to offer 13 red varietals. These varietals will be picked at the same time which will reduce time spent in cold storage and should provide higher quality fruit and correspondingly, higher quality wine.


  1. These are fresh grapes and will need to be crushed, de-stemmed and pressed. When the grapes arrive, we will have our crusher/de-stemmer set up for your use. There will be a charge of $3.00 per lug to use our motorized crusher/de-stemmer.
  2. You can press the grapes at the store using either of our presses for $10.00 per hour (1 hour minimium). You will need to make an appointment to use the press and you will be required to clean it up.
  3. These grapes will arrive refrigerated and will need to be picked up within 24 hours of arrival to guarantee freshness. We expect delivery around the first of October, but will contact everyone that orders as soon as we have a definite date. In addition, we will try to have the grapes delivered on a Friday to give you 2 days to pick up your grapes.
  4. When you place your order, your credit card will be required. We will not charge credit cards until July 15, 2016. After that all orders will be charged as received.
  5. Since this is a perishable product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Since this is NOT balanced must, none of the normal additives included in wine kits are included with these products. As such, you will need to consider ordering the following items, if you don't have them on hand:

  1. Yeast
  2. Potassium Meta-bisulfite (K-Meta)
  3. Yeast Nutrient
  4. Ascorbic Acid
  5. Fining agents
  6. Oak cubes, oak chips or oak spirals
  7. Maloactic Bacteria
  8. SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) Test Kit
  9. Malic Acid Test Kit
  10. T.A. (Total Acid) Test Kit
  11. pH Test Kit

To learn more about working with fresh grapes, click on the following link:

Working with Fresh Grapes

The products on this page do not qualify for the FVW Grower's Club Discount.
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