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Customer Feedback

Below are some of the emails we have received:



Whew.. Thanks for your immediate response!

It's Christmas for Pete's sake.. Why are you answering emails??

Thanks again!

James – Iowa



I absolutely love you guys.  My husband and I just started making wine this December.  We have a yard (bordering 14 1/2 acres) full of wild plums, chokecherries, Nanking cherries, courant berries, apples, etc.  We picked a lot of the wild plums and chokecherries, cleaned, bagged, and froze them.  We started thinking we should make wine.  We decided to buy a couple kits from a local store than my husband found your web site.  We ordered some of our supplies from you.

Your videos have saved us.  We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put them together.  The step by step process is awesome.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  We just finished bottling 29 bottles of the Blackberry Merlot.  Fun, fun.  The older we get the more we enjoy each other’s company so we love doing stuff like this together.  We have only started drinking wine in the last 5 years or so.  We went on a cruise and they served wine with every meal so we tried it and liked it.

Now we can make our own favorites.  We will be bottling pomegranate wild berry zin after Christmas.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Byron and Denise - North Dakota




You know what it takes to grow a business. Best of luck… though I don’t think you will need it. We have places around here to buy wine kits, etc. but, even with shipping, I prefer the ease of purchasing from you, your extensive inventory and your flexibility.

Thanks again.

Dave – Missouri



Thanks for the update and for what it is worth, your customer service response has been refreshingly surprising - not many transactions I have dealt with are as quick or lively (most are automated).

Thanks again and I look forward to receiving the kit!
-Brent – South Carolina



My friend, you have got it together.

Excellent video, taught me more than I was expecting! Thank you very much, I will watch more.

Proving once again I made the right decision for a supplier, I thank you for your time and efforts.

Till next time, Eric – Texas



Mr. Cornelius,

Shopped a minimum of 10 other sites for this item.  You had the best price & the best shipping rate.  Thank you! I look forward to receiving my product as I will be bottling this weekend.


Angie - Texas




Thanks for all your help in getting us the must. The beer is turning out great as the first batch has only been in the bottle for a month now and indications are very positive. I have not forgotten your beer, but I can only spare two bottles and they will be on the way in the next few weeks.

Also, the Castel Del Papa is just about a month old and is tasting decent already. Should be a very good by next summer. Thanks for the recommendation.

Spencer - Colorado



Hi George,

I just wanted to let you know I have the destemmer/crusher that we discussed last Friday.

I drove and met the truck driver half-way in a truck stop and picked it up.

We used it and it worked great! It sure beats picking all the grapes off by hand and crushing in a bucket with a 2X4! We have eight, six gallon batches working right now. It’s our first attempt using grapes instead of juice and it looks good so far!

Thanks again for your help on getting the unit Friday. We would still be hand destemming and crushing today without it.

Joe - Nebraska




Thanks for the (very) rapid response.   I will taste, but really my expectations is that the wine really needs to age at least a year before making any kind of judgment and again - (like you said)  the drier the better  ;-]   I have an WE LE Alsatian Riesling that I just bottled and it is also dry, as well as a CC Showcase Yakima Valley Riesling that I just started today.   These  will make good comparison taste testing later on.  I just love this hobby.

Many thanks for the feedback.

Rex - Oklahoma



Thank you very much. Customer service like this is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Have a great day and thank you once again.

Cary - Texas



  Thanks a million. My husband and I were talking about how great your prices are and how you are sooooo eager to help people. We voted and decided you are very passionate about making wine and a great business man! We are hooked on you and will never shop any where else!
Kathy - Nebraska



Hi George!

We received the order and my wife opened it last night.  She loves it.  It was packed perfectly, nothing damaged, and the quality is great.  I'm so glad I ordered the premier kit from you.  We are very excited and look forward to purchasing from you in the future. (I myself am looking at your beer making kits).

I have one issue.  I made a mistake.  I ordered the wrong bottles (and perhaps the corks).  I ordered the 1500ml bottle, when I needed to order the 750ml.  My intent was to get three cases of 12 750ml, green Bordeaux.  Is there a way I could ship the 1500 ml bottles back to you, and then order the 750ml? 

I also am unsure of the corks make a difference.  I have 30 corks, but do they work for the 750ml as well?

Thank you so much for the great kit.

Have a great day!

Jason - Arizona

(We gave the customer full credit for the bottles and shipped out the correct bottles.)



Dear George,

Please put on order 1 only White Chocolate Port and 1 only Orange Chocolate Port , so that I may get in line before the end of August.

Many thanks you for the wonderful service you have provided me and the friendship also.  You run your business honestly, efficiently, and make it very easy for your customer to do business with your store.  .

Best regards,

John - Washington



Thanks I'm really trying to get a handle on the appropriate amount of sulfites so that the wine ages safely and I must say you should be commended on your news letter on sulfites, you have literally done all the leg work and made it easy with regards to what you need to do and have gotten me to the point to where people actually think I know what I am talking about LOL.

Thanks for helping the world make wine!!!!!!!!

Pat - Connecticutt



Just wanted to say Thank You to Joseph for his quick help in the replacement of the brew belt that went bad. You guys are awesome at customer service! You can count on our continuing support of your business. Our friends and us are having a great time making the winekits. With your guidance our wine will be perfect.

Thanks again,

Mark - Illinois



Thanks George,

You have a excellent online store, website and series of videos. Well Done.

Dan - Michigan



George, the fermenter lid arrived via FedEx this afternoon. The guy who packed it should be building amored vehicle for the Marines!


Bill - New Hampshire



Dear George,

I thought I would let you know that my wine was a huge success at Candaces wedding. The Lambrusco  and the Sweet red from the grapes on our ranch were delicious and everyone wants to know when I am going to start selling it. Thanks for all the advice and labels that made it special. I look forward to a huge wild grape crop on the Bohr Ranch and will be ordering from you soon.


Michele - Texas




It has been a full year since I stepped into your shop full of curiosity.  I want to let you know that I am fully hooked in the hobby.  Your staff, website and discussion forums are most helpful.  I have several kits going currently. 

Wanting to learn how wine competitions work and are scored, I decided to test a couple of wines I bottled last year and entered the Winemakers Magazine competition.  I fully did not expect to win anything right out of the gate.  However, I was thrilled to learn I won a gold with the very first kit you sold me.  That was a Winexpert Wildberry Shiraz.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and keep up the great job you are doing.

Chuck - Texas



Hi, I see that my items were sent out today.  Thank you.  I appreciate our helpfulness and I am happy to have found someone that is willing to make things right and make sure their customers are happy.  You don't find that often in businesses today.  I hope to do business with you again and look forward to the arrival of my package.

Thanks again,

Erin - Illinois




Thanks for all the updates.  It sure is nice to deal with someone that takes the extra time.

Clay - South Dakota



Just a line to let you know what a GREAT JOB ya'll do answering questions shipping orders etc. just recieved my last order 4/3/09 it was packed well and arrived in great shape. THANKS GUYS FOR A JOB WELL DONE and the prices are great with the discounts and FVW Club discounts.




Thanks George! As usual your professionalism in answering so quickly is impressive. Wish I lived in the DFW area...

Jim - Texas




I have made wine for a long time from my own grapes and berries and looking back I would describe that endeavor as fun and interesting. Then, several years ago I started a search to find the best wine that I could find so that I would enjoy a couple of bottles a week. I purchased wines from $9 to $40 a bottle and keep good records of my findings but did not find any that I would enjoy on a regular basis. I decided to start making my own so that I could control my quality. In the past few years I have made quite a variety of wines from the sweet variety and ice wines to about every dry wine type possible, fresh juices, high and low end kits and grapes. I have made wines and decided that next time I will add something else to change the outcome but I honestly believe that every wine that I have made so far that has been in the bottle for aprox a year is better than most wines that I have bought in the past.

I have purchased several of your Meglioli wine kits in ’08. Today I am having lunch and decided to try a bottle that was started 5 June 08 so it has “not” been in the bottle for very long. I was hesitant to choose this bottle of Rojo Grande for that reason but I thought I would at least check the progress which made me immediately let you know that I have not ever purchased a bottle of wine that was this enjoyable. I have a couple of Meglioli kits that I have made earlier than this one, and now I can’t wait to try them also. I probably should have made more so that I can try them in the bottle after 2 years of ageing.

Bruno - Michigan



Thanks George, you really got me out of a jam.  My last Merlot kit was a 03 Mosti.  After 6 years, even my Bonnie tolerated it.   Have 2 bottles left and can’t find it anywhere on the web at your price.  Only found 1 other place down south.  Out of it in New York.  George, you were pleasant, thorough, and very professional.  I will praise your company when the need arises…

Thanks again…Tom - New York



Dear George and Mark, today my wife and I bottled our very first batch of wine.  It was white zinfandel that I recieved with my kit I got for Christmas.  I just wanted to thank yall for your help.  I appreciate your time when I called with questions.  The wine turned out great.  I will be ordering again soon to start my second batch.

Thanks again, John Carter - Texas



Thanks George! Much appreciated. I wish everyone were as honest as you.

Have a good evening. -James - New York



Hello George,

If it makes you feel any better regarding the site down-time, I’ve been researching beer and wine equipment suppliers on and off for about 14 months now, and your credentials are absolutely top-notch, so I’m not going anywhere.  You’ve got my business.  You’re very highly regarded, and your support is obviously everything it’s said to be in light of these e-mails.  I’ve been a private business owner/founder four times, and believe me, it gives me a unique perspective from which to appreciate great service.  Besides, I love the stereotype-breaking involved with doing business with a wine operation running out of Texas… makes me smile every time I think about it.

Also, yep, you got me regarding the wine selections… guilty as charged.

If I have the time today, I will call the credit info in to you for my order.  I’ll be working all weekend ahead of executive meetings next week, so this order is a gift to myself that is very much needed and well-timed…

Best Regards,

Joe - Rhode Island


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