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Customer Feedback

Below are some of the emails we have received:




I just wanted to say thanks for posting your winemaking videos  on your web site.   I've been having trouble figuring out the  degassing process, and now that I've seen it done, it's crystal  clear.   Those are a great resource.


Jessica - Boston



Thank you for responding so fast.  This is a new adventure for us.  I imagine I'll be contacting you after Christmas when we begin working with the product.

Thank you and happy holidays!!!

Diana - Tennessee



I don't buy from them anymore because of your service & your selection of Kits is far superior to any place else I've looked into.

Have a
Merry Christmas and a Joyous holiday season.
(ohhhh my how politically incorrect that was. Ho Ho Ho)

Fred - Maryland



Thanks George.

Good customer service is not something you see these days...and its appreciated.  I will get the other kit back in the mail to you as soon as the label arrives.

I look forward to trading with you again in the future.


Doug - Texas



Thank you for everything, including all the questions you answered for me
the other day via our phone conversation.  Your website is very informative.
I've almost worn out the tutorial.

Yours truly,

Diane - Michigan



Hey Guys,

I've been visiting your website quite frequently over the last couple weeks
and just wanted to let you know how great and informative it is.   As soon
as I complete my winemaking research you will have a new customer on your hands (I'll be sure to register).   I'm a first-time winemaker wanting to do everything right and I believe your videos and literature will be the
primary factor in my success.   Thanks for sharing and taking the time  to
be thorough in your communications.  It is greatly appreciated.

Bryan - Newbie Winemaker – Ohio



Good day -

I wanted to email and let you know that today I received my order. Kudos to whomever packed this stuff up. The box was "dinged" and the packing "Peanuts" saved the day. The order was surely well packed.

It is my intent to purchase all my wine requirements with your company. The first order went without a hitch and I have received quality merchandise. Also, I note that you are in Texas - it's my pleasure to have met several from your State throughout my life so I know I'm in good hands.
Thanks for your products and your time.

Tom - Alabama



Hi George,

I hope you are well and I am looking forward to the Orange Chocolate Port on my order 36594.

I realized a few days ago that having ordered my first kits from you less than a year ago because I was curious, I have now done 18 kits!  I recently bottles the MM Renaissance Barolo and Meglioli Barolo, and WOW!.  I am very impressed with these Mosti products.  I was reticent to spend the money on the Meglioli, but now I can’t wait to see what the next lineup is.  Are the whites as good?

BTW, of those 18 kits I think 15 of them came from you (the others were CC kits that you didn’t stock.)  My compliments again on your service and your business model.  I hope to continue contributing to your success for a long time.

Kindest regards,

Tom - California



hank You for all your help over the last week ... You have a loyal customer!!
My order is in.

David - Connecticutt



Thank you very much for getting this out today and for the update.  Also, thank you for including an alternative yeast.

Service like this is why I'm going to keep coming back to Fine Vine Wines!

Matt - Iowa




Great - Thanks!  I will put comments in the order to just have it all ship when the kit arrives. 

Yes - the forum is wonderful. I have found answers to most of the questions I ask with a simple google search, but the forum gives me a much better feeling that I am getting good answers.  Most things are really a matter of opinion, and its great seeing many viewpoints and then deciding what I think is best for me.  You are doing a great service to the hobby by supporting the forum. Thanks!

Lisa - Ohio



Thank you very much!!!  It is always a pleasure to do business with your company!!!

John - Tennessee




Highly impressive response and personal too.  I do not purchase on line normally too dangerous.  However, if I am in need of more items, I will go to your site.

Thank You,

Melynda - Michigan



And one more piece of feedback for you....the fact that you even responded, let alone took several minutes out of your day to go so in depth only helps me secure my ongoing loyalty to your store. 
Keep up the great work!  Your passion shows through...

Peter - New York



Thank you, George. I appreciate the courtesy. I would not dream of ordering anywhere else.

John - South Carolina



Good evening George -

Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. I live in Tampa FL and have been ordering from you for about 3 years now. I must say I greatly appreciate your business philosphy! After reading the newsletter for June, I was driven to write to you and let you know how much I appreciate a business man such as you. I know of one store locally (but I am sure there are a couple more) however I CHOOSE to do business with Fine Vine Wines due to the level of personal customer service I receive. I always receive emails from you to my questions and the few times I have called you have always answered all my questions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. In this day and age of unconnected unpersonal business transactions, I continue to order all of my wine kits from you due to the intregity of your business.

I wish you much continued success.

Bev - Florida



Wow. Thanks George. You just got yourself another loyal customer...good service is priceless these days.

Jason - Louisiana




Your story is fantastic. I congratulate you and your family on a great business.

I truly enjoy our interaction and appreciate your business ethic. It is a pleasure to be associated with you and your team.

Congratulations on a job well one.


Marcus - Texas



George, I just finished reading your update on your wine business. I just wanted to say that I have dealt with you and your brother on the phone for several months and could not be happier with your customer service, support, and helpful advice. As a business person in my own right I appreciate your philosophy and wish you continued success. I will continue to support your business and am really happy that I chose your company to deal with at the beginning of my home wine making hobby in the first place.

Thanks again,

Larry - Oregon.



Hi again George! (In case that other email I did does not get to you) I just wanted to let you know all your products and advice about winemaking has helped us make some dynamite wine over the years!

Thanks again,

Mary - Virginia




Just had to forward this FedEx tracking to you.

I called in the order just before noon yesterday and you shipped it by COB. I got the wine kit just 24 hours after it was shipped. WOW!!!


Wayne - Texas



Just bottled my wine yesterday. My first "almost" solo attempt. My daughter and I have made many kits together. She is a FVW Growers Club member. This was Choc. Rasp. Port. I am very pleased with the wine. I bottled 15 - 750 ml bottles with 1/2 glass left over. The S.G. at bottling was 1.020 (the high end). The wine has great taste. I gave my knitting buddies a taste preview and ten of twelve gave rave reviews. Thank you so much for having such great products available and for always being there when we novices have questions.


JoNell - Arizona



Thank you. And your comment about keeping a customer is what won my business ....

Eric - Florida



Thank you very much for all your superb customer service.  There's no one like y'all anywhere in the US.

Your new, faithful customer....

Ron - Texas



Thanks George.  I just wanted to make sure.  I'd hate to mess up the first batch.  I'll just keep the one I have.  My 2nd kit was just ordered.  Your website makes it easy.  Thanks.

Brian - Oklahoma



I recieved my vinometers in a very timely manner, and just wanted to thank you, for the rare 'fast, friendly, and fine service'.

Live with joy,

Keith - Granada, Nicaragua
America Central



We had a great time at the bottling.  Kerry and Brenda Cage are hooked and will most likely attend the next event.

Steven - Texas



I certainly wasn't expecting a response on a holiday weekend. Have a wonderful Easter and thank you again,

Dorothy and Larry - Florida



Very good / I am referring a friend to get started wine making / I have told him you're a better source than local shops, Just as accessible.

Tom - California



Mr. Corneluis,

I want to thank you for your generous offer. It is truly appreciated. I am a member of the Missouri Winemaking Society. Whenever there is a discussion of Mosti Mondiale wines, I recommend your website. You carry a very extensive line of Mosti Mondiale products. However, your greatest asset may be your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Thank You,

Michael - Missouri



ok, kinda what i was figuring.. taste good too. I am been drooling over your site and around here i am limited where i can go.. i spent alot of research online and devoted myself to your products. and i have alot of business i will be bringing to you through friends into making wine! i was the "DUMMY" THEY USED TO TEST YOUR SITE and see how service was.. thank you for your helping me it means alot and will pay off for you in return

Rich - Ohio



Thanks, I am sure there will be no need for a replacement as I am fully confident this one will work as it seems this is not a real uncommon occurrence. Besides I am learning all sorts of new tricks and having a lot more fun than I would just sitting waiting for my wine to make itself !!!

Again I can't thank you enough for the help and support....now what to make next.....any reccomendations of a Pinot Noir?

Brian - Massachusetts



Thanks for the quality products and the EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING !!!!!!!

Casey - Kansas




Thanks for shipping my items so I could receive them today. I can bottle tomorrow and things couldn't be better!

With appreciation for your fabulous customer service,

Anne - Florida



George, Thank you. It was very nice meeting you last week at the store. I
have already started the petite Syrah and we are looking forward to starting
the sharaz this next week. It has been a lot of fun for my wife and I. With
out this website I do not think we would have been able to do it this easy.
Thanks again

Ron and Anita - Texas



I just wanted to take a moment to express my enjoyment with the most recent newsletter sent to my account.
I was very sceptical about subscribing in fear of the never ending bulk mail and newsletters that normally just bore me as a reader.
But I received the email and found myself reading it from start to finish with my complete attention, that is a rare thing but I found it interesting and not a waste of time.
I plan on returning to your company site as often as possible with hopes of purchasing all my wine making needs from your company now and well into the far future .
In this day there are countless people trying to make money anyway they can, in return most of them only seek the green and tend to forget that their customers are people too, Your company sends a clear message that you are in this for the people and that is priceless in this ever growing world.
Thank you again,

Kyle - Florida



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