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Customer Feedback 2004

Below are some of the emails we received in 2004:



Dear George,
Hi, I just opened the boxes I received for order #2595 on Christmas Day.  Everything was packed very well.  I'm very excited to start making wine.
There is however, one minor problem.  The carboy bottle brush (item #2605) was not included in any of the boxes.  We checked the packing material very thoroughly. 
Would you please send me this item at your earliest convenience?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Patti - Pennsylvania

P.S. - The carboy brush went out the same day!


Dear George

I had a friend that I had given a bottle of wine (Vino del Vida- Cabernet/Merlot) to take to a party. I had no idea what he was going to do with the wine other than to drink it ( that makes sense). Well they were having a wine tasting. They covered up all the bottles so you could not see the labels and ( a total of 14 different wines all store bought except my Cab/Merlot). Sounds like fun. A party of 15-20 people. When it was a said and done the Cab/Merlot came in second !!! When they unveiled the product they couldn't believe that it was home produced. They wanted to order 2 cases of the wine. It was a great feeling to beat out 12 other wines. I have a 5 1/2 gallon oak barrel that I aged the wine in for 20 days. It was the third batch in the barrel and am happy with the results with both the wine kit and oaking.

I had another friend that had talk to me about my wine from the kits that you are selling. He was telling me that he had a lady come over to their house for dinner and he had a bottle of my wine ( imagine that ) and he had a bottle of Pinot Noir store bought that was high dollar. He kept trying to have her drink the store bought but she wanted the kit wine product.

Just fun stuff that make's it fun and satisfying.

Thanks you for your support and service George.

Bill - Texas



George, thanks for the great service. I got my BUON VINO FILLER just in time to bottle my lasts kit.

This thing works great. No mess! No trouble getting the vine flowing! I have two more kits almost ready. Can't wait to use it again.

I was wondering if you had a stiff plastic hose in the same size as the plastic one on the filler. The wire inside the tube was almost poking out when I got it because of the wire and it being rolled up in the plastic bag. I have reinforced it at that spot but would rather have a stiff tube. Anyway no big deal.

Thanks again, Ralph - Kansas



Thank you, I apreciate your great customer service.




I received today.  Everything was included and no broken items or packages.

I'm very pleased.  I really wanted the acid blend by today to get the acidity up of a just started 4 gal batch blueberry/raisin must.  I didn't realize that I didn't have enough acid blend when I started.  I was only able to raise acidity to .40% -.45%.  I was shooting for around .60%.  I have to leave early in the morning to my son's state baseball tournament and will not return until Saturday or Sunday.  I really wanted to get the acid straightened out before I left.  Because of your prompt turnaround time, I was able to do just that.

I'll certainly order from you in the future.

Also, a few other items I need that you don't currently carry (or at least I didn't see):
One-Step sanitizer, Brew hauler (nylon strap contraption to carry carbouys), generic wine labels

Let me know if you carry and I didn't see or if you plan to carry in the future.

Jack - Mississippi


George - May 1 2004

I finish making and bottling my first of many wines from your company. It was the Merlot. I know I should let it age but can't help it. Neither can my friends. Great product George, great service, and you have given me great help and look forward in the future to a long relationship.

Talk to you soon.

Bill - Great state of Texas.


George, I got my kits today. I pitched the Riesling tonight. I had no idea it came with a small sweetening pack! I'm looking forward to tasting this!! Cool!!! Also, I noticed the Pinot Noir came with oak powder. I've never done a kit with oak!!! Cool again!!

Let's see.... hmmmm....... 2 kits = ~60 bottles at less than $155 = great wine for less than $2.60 per bottle.... Luv ya George!!!

Rick - Oklahoma



Hello George -

I will definitely be doing business with you in the near future. I like the way you have treated me, and I will be telling my friends about my experience. Some of them (my son included) are also into winemaking.

Thanks again,

Frank - Maryland



Hello Mr. Cornelius,

Once again I'd like to express my thanks. My wife and I were talking last night about how nice it (personable) was for you to take the time to call us up and help us out with our order. Thank you for being very courteous, helpful, and full of much needed information.


Jeff - Illinois



A note of thanks. I bottled my 1st batch yesterday. 29 bottles and a glass. I chose not to try to get the rest and left it with the sediment. I drank the glass. Wow. he Chianti was great straight out of the carboy. I cant wait for a little age on it! I'll start my wife's Pinot Grigio this coming weekend. I am thinking of a Beaujolais for my 3rd batch (back to the reds for me!)

Regards, Darrell



Thank you so much. It's service like yours that makes us canadians buy american. We usually get better, faster and cheaper services and goods from the US than here. Even with the terrible exchange rate, it is often better, south of the border.

Ray - Ontario, Canada



Hi George,

I first want to say that I completed and tasted my first wine, a Chianti, last week. I was very impressed. I need to thank you for your all your advice and help through the process. I would have been lost without it. So now that I completed my first wine, I'm ready to keep on going.

Joe - New York




No. Just keep the coupon. I am just greatful that we have small businesses, such as yours, that we can go to, talk to, and receive REAL CUSTOMER service.

Looking forward to trying my FIRST batch of SAKE...

Mike - Maryland



George you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I look forward to a long friendship.

Bill - New York



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