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Customer Feedback 2003

Below are some of the emails we received in 2003:



I only live an hour or so from them!! Called and asked if I could just come by and pick up my wine kit!! They said No Problem come on by!! Most courteous folks around, gave me a tour and all!! These folks are the best. If you don't order from them you're missing the boat!! Will do repeat bussines with them!!

Thanks for everything.

Allen - Texas




Thank you so much
My order arrived in time and my husband is thrilled with his kit. Thank you so much for all your attention and for a credit. I will definetly be placing another order.

We hope you had a very merry christmas!

Thanks again
Sandra - Michigan



Clearly you understand what good service is all about. I'm sure you can expect future orders from George (or myself, for George!).

Thanks much,




Hey George,

Just wanted to tell you Happy Holidays and hope all is well with you. I appreciate your timeliness responses and your personalized service. Finding someone to go out of their way to help is not heard of these days but I found that you are going above and beyond the call of duty.

Thanks again for everything and Happy Holidays!!

Patrick - Oklahoma




I had to take a moment to say thank you for your fast service and kind personability.

Mark - Alabama




Thanks so much, no need for two hydrometers! You did the right thing. I appreciate the personal service.

Best regards,
Isabelle - Virginia



Go ahead and keep the Blackberry Merlot on backorder for me and ship/bill whenever you can. I will go online again and see what else I'd like to try as I definitely am in need of two kits. We started the red zin last night and the green apple is almost done so I am ready to start a few more batches. My first batch of Black Cherry came out awesome, I brought a few bottles to work for a turkey day luncheon yesterday and everyone was crazy for it. Must make more! Please keepo a look out for an addition to my order - I should be able to get to it within a few hours. As always, thanks for everything!

Robin - Florida



Good afternoon. My son just told me that you have had the packaged which leaked picked up and were kind enough to send a replacement. I must thank you for service and customer care above and beyond! I did not expect such wonderful service.
Thank you again.

Vincent - New Jersey



Regarding the note that you are working to correct the log out at the completion of an order, don't work too hard to change it. I like being logged out at the completion of my order. First time to order from your site ( have been customers of grape stompers for a few years) very nice site, easy to navigate, liked the order form. Hope to do business with as the need arises.

Teresa and Randy - Texas



Mr. Cornelius, really like your personal attention. When you start accepting American Express please let me know.

Ellie - Virginia



Thank you very much I recieved the order on Saturday. I am very pleased with your internet business. Very easy transaction very happy. Thank you.

Mark - Michigan



Hi George,
You are the man! Thank you. My oder arrived today and I am very pleased. I will start my pear wine right away. However there was not an acid test kit in the package. Send it when you can please. I am also interested in the Spagnols Cru Select RQ 2004.

Thanks a million, Mrs. Frankie Stanford - Alabama




Bottled up 30 bottles of Shiraz today, and it actually tasted good after it opened up a bit. Amazing to me it was as good as it tasted. I'll save you one.

Howard - Texas



No hurry at all. Thanks again for all your help and great service!

Robin - Florida

(This was received in reply to an email where we informed the customer that we were backordered on part of her order.)



Hey there,
Now that's what I like to hear. Sorry about the phones being out. Alltel has really done a fast one on us. Hopefully they will be up and running soon. I'll give you a call in the morning when my wifey gets home from work.
I think once you get the muscadine wine that it's as good as the concord if not better.
One last word, I couldn't have done it with out your help. ThankYou and please thank your guest for the compliment.

Your Friend,
Patrick - Arkansas

(Patrick had sent me a bottle of his first wine. I invited a friend to try it and she just loved it. In fact, she took the rest of the bottle home with her! I had passed on her comments and this was Patrick's reply.)



Thanks. They look easy and sound good. I will probably be ordering supplies from you soon. Great service.


(Jack had requested 2 recipes.)



Hi George,
That bidder angler155 sure must like his or her wine.Good auction!That is to aay,may I never bid against the angler again. You have already invested quite an amount of time in me.I refer to your email's.That is to say that I feel the need to complement you on the way you are conducting your business.
This deal is closed and we both know that,but I have a question fo you. Before we conclude our business. What will you charge me for two more of the Cabernet Sauvigon Kits.That is to say,I had to leave work,to be home to attend your auction,to beat the angler.I work in Quality control.Petrochem.That is to say when you pull up to the pump,kindly think of me. WINE?
Best regards,
Charles Varney
Corpus Christi, Tx.

(In order to move some VDV kits and increase our exposure, I posted several auctions on eBay.)




I am sorry that I did not respond to you quicker. Yes, I received the bottles and I actually received them on that Tuesday. I got them bottled and ready for the event in which I needed them. Thank you so much for your EXTRAORDINARY AND EXEMPLARY customer service!!!!

Ayana Williams - Colorado



It was our pleasure, we enjoyed meeting everyone and sampling the wine I wouldn't have missed it. Everyone that I spoke to seem to be very interested in the whole wine making process and wanted to know all the details so hopefully you'll have some return as customers! But over all we had a great time visiting with you all, and thanks again for the Cellar Express...we gave it shoot on Saturday and both my wife and I agreed that there was most definitely a difference !

Joey - Texas

(Joey attended our first wine tasting and I let him have a Wine Cellar Express to try.)



I am so excited!!!! Thank you for all your help and I will let you know about the wine.

Becky - Texas



Hi George,
First off, let me thank you for the bottle of pinot you gave me yesterday with my order. We drank it last night with dinner, and we enjoyed it. Very drinkable! I am anxious to get going with my first batch, but have to wait as I am leaving town next week, and won't be here in 7 days to move into the next stage. I remember you saying that that was critical to follow, but the next point, 20 days, could be flexible by a day or two? I see that one needs to preview the next couple months of the calendar before starting a batch! Your spreadsheet will be helpful in looking at the dates for moving into the next stage of the process.

The labels I want are the Dark Red Grape ones with: Cloud Cellars...2003...Shiraz
I know there are "no cellars in Texas" but our friends in Calif won't know...it just sounds good, and someday we will have a cellar.

Thanks for you help in this endeavor, George. I look foreward to future contacts.

Howard - Texas



Hi George!

Just to let you know we really are enjoying the first batch of Cabernet/Merlot and cannot wait to start the next batch of Peach Chardonnay. Thanks for all your assistance!

Ava - Texas



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