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Cellar Craft Wine Ingredient Kits

Vineco/Cellar Craft Wine Kits


Discover the global pleasures of Cellar Craft–wines without borders.

Most winemakers are restricted to making wines from only the grapes grown in their immediate areas. They all can and do make fine wines, but they are clearly limited in the styles that they can produce. Cellar Craft has a global network of grape suppliers. They usually have at least 30 different grape stocks from three continents in their cellars. Their winemaker has an unmatched choice of juices with which to make superb wines of all styles.

Cellar Craft offers classic wines from all major areas. Discover, compare, and enjoy the regional differences. Their regional wine styles are each clearly labeled so you know what you will be getting when you pull the cork. Perhaps more importantly, they marry grapes from two, three, or four regions to produce a wine that surpasses the quality of wines made only from “local” grapes. This global flexibility allows them to present wines far beyond the scope of regionally restricted winemakers. A Merlot made from choice grapes from three continents, for example, can make a truly outstanding wine that surpasses the limits imposed by regional borders.

Click on one of the following links or images to learn about each product line and to discover all of the wonderful wines available. If you need any assistance on which wine kit is best for you, please see our "Guide to Selecting a Wine Kit." If you have any further questions about these wine kits, don’t hestitate to give us a call (1-866-417-1114) or send us an email.

The FVW Grower's Club discount will be reflected in the Totals on the Shopping Cart summary page.

The items listed below are wine ingredient kits only. In addition to the concentrate and juice, they contain all of the ingredients necessary to make 6 gallons of table wine (30 standard bottles) or 3 gallons of dessert wine (15 standard bottles). The ingredients include yeast, bentonite, potassium sorbate, potassium metabisulfite and a fining agent. Some kits also contain oak, ederberries, currants and/or a flavoring pack. If you need equipment, please look at our starter packages.

With our starter kits, you can either purchase the equipment only, or purchase equipment and a concentrate. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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